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​​Questions non horse owners never knew to ask.....

What is a "bean"? A firm lump of smegma that has collected and hardened inside the horse's penis. This lump or "bean" must be removed as often as possible. It can cause serious pain to your horse. There have been thousands cases in the last year where the bean is overlooked by the owner and becomes so large that the horse can no longer urinate...which may also cause other problems due to blockage.

Sounds too graphic for you? Well just call me. 

Do it for your horse's health!

Regular sheath cleaning:

   Reduces tail rubbing

   Decreases urinary infections

   Reduces sheath cancer

   Helps a stronger urine flow

   Reduces flies

   Reduces summer sores

   Allows penis to drop

Equine Sheath Cleaning

What about Mares?...

Mares, as well as geldings, can suffer from 'beans' composed of dust, dirt and smegma stuck in the folds of skin around their nether regions. It can be very uncomfortable for them, so it's important to keep them clean and healthy to avoid possible behavioural problems which can result.

Many mares have a number of small pockets of skin just inside their genital areas which fill up with smegma and it’s really important to clean these out. It’s just like having a stone in your shoe, it can be a constant source of irritation. Some signs that your mare may have a ‘bean’ that needs removal is if she’s itchy and rubbing her tail a lot (but you know you’ve wormed her), or even bucking or kicking which is out of character. It depends on the individual mare as to whether you check her every six months or so, or much more regularly. Cleaning around the udder too is important – it’s all just a part of good hygiene for mares.

Stud Crud Busters Professional Sheath Cleaning Service
No Sedation
Successful at cleaning horses who have only been cleaned with sedation previously
All Natural products used so they wont irritate the sensitive area of your horse. 
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Why clean the sheath?...

Cleaning the sheath of a gelding is very important as it can cause major issues; bucking, kicking out, disuniting (cross cantering), weak across topline, struggling to push from behind etc. Removing a ‘bean’ of the waxy substance called smegma can make the difference between a happy, relaxed horse and a horse that is blocking or stuck somewhere. The bean only needs to be as big as a pinhead to cause issues for a horse. We have also removed beans the size of golf balls.


"Stefanie did a great job with my gelding. She was friendly, gentle, and took great care of him...getting the job done without the use of any sedation. If you have a gelding, and are unsure about what to do when it comes to "cleaning down there"...I recommend giving her a call!"    -Beki

"Stefanie is fantastic! My gelding usually needs sedation to have his sheath cleaned. Not only did she do it without sedation, he was relaxed and willing! I couldn't believe it. She also did a great job with my miniature horse and donkey! I will be using her services again. Thank you!!"

"Stefanie was great! She used all natural techniques with my gelding who was a little worried at first. By the end of it he was relaxed and it was obvious he felt better. We will definitely be calling her in the future!" -Crystal

"Its worth the money not to have to clean those nasty things."  -Fran

"I was very impressed with your handling of my horses! I was surprised it went so well! Thank you very much!"      -Michelle

"Stefanie was wonderful with my gelding, he is not so nice about anyone touching him there and she handled it just fine. No pun intended. He is much more comfortable now and has a nice stream when he pees."    -Andrea

"Great work on my drafts... My vet came out to vaccinate them and noticed right away they were cleaned... He said you do a good job."   -Hector